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It’s pretty damn late, I’ve been working on these for way too long. But I’m pretty happy with them! These aren’t the original set I had planned. I ended up converting some of Mouseyblue’s eyes myself, it’s a mixed bag. I felt like one eye recolored was a bit boring. I myself wanted a lot of different eyes. Sorry if the colors don’t exactly match up with the swatches. There’s….13? colors included. They are defaults so they will replace the EA eyes. You cannot currently have any other eyes installed with these.

So yeah, this is my first CC upload ever here, so that’s pretty cool. And 100 followers! Thanks so much you guyyyys.

Credits: Mouseyblue for the fabulous textures, I really deserve very little credit on this upload as I didn’t really do anything. Wundersims for the sclera and overall eye template thing, Simsontherope for actually getting the files necessary to do this. Everyone working on S4PE. All that good stuff ^.^ 

There’s no real TOU on this. I’d love to see your sims with these though, that’d be really cool. Let me know if you have any issues!

Download here:

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