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Dimensions by chemy

A modern home with vaulted ceilings, open concept and partial loft style. On the main floor is the open Living, Kitchen and Dining area, Computer/Games room, Kids Bedroom, Teens Bedroom and bathroom. Overlooking the living area is the open Master Suite and bathroom. Above the kids rooms is a Gym and Music/Party room. Outdoors you can enjoy the courtyard with pond , fountains and gardens with access to the Guest suite with private bathroom.



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Newsea Macho

Hair Retexture by Cnih

  • custom thumbnails

  • custom channels and specular 
  • Toddler-Elder, Both Sexes

** Newsea Macho**



Newsea- Mesh

BringMeVictory - Texture Mashup

Model - Soren

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Sims 4 Male Clothing - Sweet Heart Shirt


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Baggy Beanies

After around a week of constant testing, retexturing, schoolwork and the like, here’s what i’ve got. It isn’t exactly the best mesh (I do apologize because I’m new to meshing) and since the specular map cannot be edited at the moment, it’s really reflective with lighter colors. However, the darker colors don’t seem to be too bad. What I’m most proud about this creation is that I managed to get the hair to tuck inside, which, after about 5-6 revisions, is really awesome. It was really only designed with longer hair in mind so I might release a tighter fitted one for the boys and girls with short hair.

Please enjoy and tell me if there’s any issues. :D

Download Link

Put in Documents/Electronic Arts/Sims 4/Mods

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Cutie Pie Jack does cutie pie things.


[JS SIMS 3] Denim Mermaid Ruffle Overall Dress

  • Available For:
  • Female - YA / Adult
  • Everyday, Formal, Outerwear
  • Two recolorable channels
  • Both package and sims3pack formats available


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Cameron: top | bottom | shoes

Ingrid: top | bottom | shoes

Eloise: top | bottom | shoes


thank you very much for the wonderful cc’s ♥︎

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Cameron: hat | top | skirt | shoes | phone | ring

Eloise: bow | top | skirt | shoes | rings


thank you to all cc creators •ᴗ•

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