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Happy Birthday, lovely!! ♥

I am just truly amazed with all those beautiful works and effort You put in making such extremely gorgeus gifts! I can’t be thankfull enough…

Love You so much! THANK YOU! <3



New hair XD I hope you like it :3

You can grab it here


Collab with beautiful dark lady Sasha by tractusopticus

Hope U’re gonna like it :D

(of course click to see it bigger)



About Buckley

Buckley (or Buck, his brothers call him) is the youngest of the Payne boys at 22, and probably the most different of them all. Buckley is a history major and specializes in European history; he’s got a few months of school left before he graduates. Buckley is the nerdy, sweet, kind and sensitive of the brothers. He’d give you the shirt off his back if you needed it, he’s an all around gentleman. Buckley hopes to find love with the wonderful Kirsten and he’s very excited to meet her. 

Credit sim & bio: extractsims

Omg guys look at my bb!!!!


DownloadJuno Young

Since the BC that I made her for didn’t end up happening, I thought that it would be better to release her for download than to let her sit in my sim bin. Feel free to do what you wish with her. All I ask is that you tag me if you use her!


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If you live anywhere near Evansville Indiana please be safe because apparently 10 women have been abducted and now they’re saying it’s a possible serial killer sO please don’t go anywhere alone

Huffington Post news article for anyone interested.

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